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  • Event Clients and Partners
    King Arthur Baking (with Looking Glass Creative) Local Initiatives Support Corporation and the National Endowment for the Arts (with LGC) DAISA Enterprises and the Kresge Foundation (with LGC) Grantmakers in the Arts (with LGC) The National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (with LGC) 2020 & 2021 Resilitent Communities National Forum (Virtual) The National Assembly for State Arts Agencies (with LGC): Project Manager 2020 Creative Placemaking Convocation (Virtual) ArtPlace America (with LGC) 2020 ArtPlace Virtual Summit (Virtual) 2019 ArtPlace Summit (Jackson, MS) The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking: Creative Director / Program Curator 2020 Northeast Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit (Philadelphia, PA) 2019 National CPL Summit (Phoenix, AZ) 2019 Midwest CPL Summit (Cincinnati, OH) 2019 Pacific CPL Summit (Los Angeles, CA) 2019 West CPL Summti (Albuquerque, NM) 2019 South+Appalachia CPL Summit (Columbia, SC) 2018 National CPL Summit (College Park, MD) 2018 Appalachia CPL Summit (Charleston, WV) 2018 Northeast CPL Summit (Madison, NJ) 2018 Southwest CPL Summit (Denver, CO) 2018 Southeast CPL Summit (Chattanooga, TN) Art of the Rural: Executive Committee Member 2019 Rural Generations Summit (Jackson, MS)
  • Process Architecture
    I have years of experience developing processes to help produce content for events large and small. I have experience developing and advising processes for the National Assembly for State Arts Agencies, National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, ArtPlace America, Looking Glass Creative, Art of the Rural, and more. ​I believe strongly in developing processes that reflect the values of the organization and event. Primarily, I work with organizations that have missions to provide support to creative placemaking and creative community development initiatives. Because of this, most of the processes I build are based in equity, diversity of representation, democratic processes, and an educational approach. ​ Let me help you and your organization develop a process for content development that takes into consideration your time, budget, program, and personnel constraints.
  • Proposal Management
    Over the course of a dozen summits and conferences (Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits, ArtPlace America Summits, and more), I've overseen proposal processes for breakout sessions. This includes developing a fair and clear process for proposing a session, laying out the selection committee responsibilities and timeline, and creating a criteria that honors the voices of the committees and the mission of the event itself. Throughout these experiences, I've been iterative in my approach to create conferences that are not only diverse and rich in content, but also create narrative arcs with special attention to adult education. Let me help you create and maintain a process to open up to the public, so that your next event can be as impactful and memorable as possible.
  • Program Curation
    Throughout my experiences in event planning, I've had the pleasure of working with both a grassroots approach and a top-down approach to content design. I've found that the most impactful method of designing and curating content is to balance both approaches into an event that is thoughtful and representative of the people that it serves. My theatrical background plays a large role in these processes. Events need to be both professional as well as memorable and entertaining. I have years of experience creating events that are user-focused and built on the goals and values from the organizations involved.
  • Arts and Equity Focus
    Most of my work is focused in creative placemaking, or helping to build stronger, more equitable communities through arts and cultural programming. Most of the events I have curated center around these concepts. I've had the pleasure of working with leaders in creative placemaking, and more importantly, I've worked with artists to create meaningful, memorable, and place-based events. I believe that all events need to be representative of the communities that they serve. This means having a diverse range of instructors in racial background, gender, age, geography, profession, etc. Equity is so much more than ticking boxes. It's about creating a platform for all voices to be elevated in a thoughtful and powerful way.
  • Online Events
    In light of COVID-19, I have had to switch events from an in-person platform to an online platform. During this pandemic, I've spent a lot of my time thinking about how digital tools can be used to make an event that is as impactful, if not more-so, than an in-person alternative. I've done extensive research on how to present panels, peer exchanges, seminars, networking, art making, performances, and more through digital media. It's more than just the Zoom platform; it's about the user interface, the online facilitation, the grounding content, and the overall thread that pulls everyone together, no matter where they are in the world.

Program design.

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