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Landscape design.


Cook Campus, Rutgers University

The Thread is an exciting beginning to a celebration of Rutgers' 250th Anniversary and the 2030 Master Plan, particularly within Cook Campus. This corner of the future green will serve as an iconic axis for the campus and hopes to become a symbolic crossroads for the campus's faculty, staff, students, and residents. This project was for a planting design class at the Rutgers Landscape Architecture Dept. 


Somerset County, NJ

In order to create better access to health care, a team of myself and two others designed a series of pop-up health hubs for the most in-need places in Somerset County, NJ. See below for the GIS analysis to identify locations, along with my designs for a long-term, larger pop-up at the Bridgewater Mall. This project was for a studio class at the Rutgers Landscape Architecture Dept. 


Mayflower Court

This design was for a backyard perennial garden, which was for one of my first clients outside of grad school. The design takes into account three zones: a privacy buffer, a perennial garden, and a shade garden for under their existing trees. The plan below includes a planting plan, plant lists, and more. 


West Windsor, NJ

This project consisted of taking inventory of communal spaces within a retirement community in New Jersey, in addition to making planting recommendations. The project used drone imagery to approximate areas of the community. The final result includes planting plans, plan lists, and more. Most of the plants are native to New Jersey. 

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