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Graphic design.

Center for Arts in Medicine 

The University of Florida Center for the Arts in Medicine is committed to advancing research, education, and practice in arts in health, locally and globally. Through ongoing interdisciplinary research, training programs, and dynamic academic programs the Center advances its mission to further the field of arts in health.

I worked with this group to develop a set of infographics to represent their Creating Healthy Communities initiative and their white paper that came out of the program. 

ReThink Theatrical Branding

ReThink Theatrical is a non-profit theater company, based in central New Jersey that focuses on providing free and accessible theater for, by, and with local communities. 

I co-founded the organization back in 2015 and since then, I have developed and maintain the brand identity, graphic design, and web design of the company. 

NCCP Branding

The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking is a national non-profit, which supports communities, practitioners, and organizations working in the field of creative placemaking. In other words, NCCP helps provide support for building more equitable communities through arts and culture. 

While working there full time, I developed and maintained the brand of the organization for its regional and national summits, online webinars, workshops, and more. 

Masters Thesis

Isotopes in the Garden: a Narrative of the Atomic Age and its Legacy in the Global Landscape was my masters thesis from the Rutgers University Department of Landscape Architecture. It featured graphic elements that were syntheses of radioactive diagrams, photography from the atomic age, and retro Disney landscape drawings. 

The thesis won a 2017 NJ ASLA merit award.