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I'm Thomas Young.

Let's design together.

I design processes,

programs, and communications for organizations and events.

In all the work that I do, I bring systems- and process-oriented design thinking, engaging client services, code-switching communication skills, and a sense of humor and grace. I am the Creative Director for Looking Glass Creative, a Partner of Flannel & Blade, the Director of Artistic Planning for ReThink Theatrical, and a Co-Founder of Vital Little Plans.


I have a background that includes theater production, program design, event planning, project management, curriculum development, teaching artist work, landscape architecture, graphic and web design, and creative community development. My formal education spans ecological science, music theory and composition, landscape architecture, and creative placemaking. My professional career includes helping to design and execute dozens of regional and national events around the field of creative placemaking. 

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This is me.

This is the work I do.

These are folks I work with.

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